Top Front Loaders and Washing Machines

Here we rate leading models of washing machines according to most desired features. Let us find out which you will best work with.

Top front loaders

Samsung Washer has become very much in demand because of powerful combinations of modern features that people love most. It has a capacity of 3.8 cubic feet, allowing you to load more laundry inside. It has an amazing 12 wash presets that are very easy to use.

These include permanent press, delicate, hand wash, sanitary and wool, among others. You can easily adjust the water temperature. There are 5 temperature levels to choose from whirlpool washer repair los angeles.

It has three automatic dispensers, each designed for detergent, fabric softener and bleach. Its energy efficiency rating is outstanding. In addition, Samsung takes pride with its innovative Noise Reduction Technology that many users said you may find it difficult to see if the motor is really working. It is so quiet that this is ideal for compact environments, such as apartment and condominium.

LG WM0642HW7 Cycle is consistently rated as one of the best front loading washing machines. Its energy efficiency grade is remarkable. It cleans the clothes thoroughly and is able to remove stains with fewer wash cycles only. Its large capacity of 3.83 cubic feet is ideal for those having large laundry load, like big families.

Despite these positive reviews, many consumers complain loudly against the bad odor coming out from the bottom of the machine. Its drainage system is not very efficient, which allows the rapid growth of mildew inside.

This normally happens when this front loader is not used for an extended period of time. Warranty is good for 7 years, but motor pumps are known to breakdown after only 3 years or so. Worse, repairs are very costly.

Most ideal for large families

Whirlpool WTW6400SW Cabrio has an extra large capacity, measuring 4.5 cubic feet. This model makes it ideal for households with huge laundry load. This works well too with bulky items, such as bed sheets and large pants. It has an additional direct inject wash system and a non-agitating cleaning operation.

That makes Cabrio quiet and ideal for noise-conscious environs. Its energy efficiency rating is also commendable. Being designed primarily for heavier loads makes it not suitable for smaller items and laundry load. Once you put in minimal load, the spin cycle easily throws off and the machine is automatically shut down.

This also needs constant monitoring, since there are few automatic programming installed. Replacement parts are believed to be rare in some cases. The motor pump easily breaks down.

Most portable

Of the varied portable washing machines available in the market, the Haier HLP21E Top Load ranks best. It has a good reputation of being user-friendly. Its settings are easy to operate. It is ideal for apartment dwellers and travelers alike.

All you need is a working water tap and electrical connection. Although indicated as portable, some users find it heavy that it can hardly qualify as a tabletop version. It also has a bad reputation of being very noisy and it shakes a lot. Water leaks were also frequently reported. The company needs also to introduce more improvements with its drainage and motor pump durability.

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